Do you want to be a part of Cleveland’s design and creative communities and help them thrive? If so, let’s talk!  

We are seeking dedicated professionals with a passion for advancing our craft and strengthening our creative community!

We offer three levels of commitment to board service to help fit your interests, abilities, and time. Each position is a vital part of AIGA Cleveland.

All positions are volunteer. We encourage anyone interested to apply, whether you’re an emerging professional, a non-member looking to get more involved, or a long-standing member interested in taking it to the next level.

You do not have to be a designer or creative to participate!

For more information on how to apply, check out our Call For Nominations page


Looking to get involved, but not sure where to start? Consider supporting AIGA through one of our online collaborator positions.
  • Individuals in these positions are not required to attend monthly board meetings, but may meet virtually and in-person.
  • Much of the work will be accomplished through our collaborative workspace, Basecamp. These positions are a one-year commitment.
Designer | Communications Team
A Designer for the Communications Team is clever, creative, lethal in their ability to craft visuals, and above all, a team player. You will be working closely with the Communications Team Director in crafting visual identities, graphics, and images for our events and campaigns.
  • You’d be great for this position if you have experience with working in creative teams, can manage tight turn-around times, and are able to create in a variety of personalities, tones, aesthetics, and styles.
Copywriter/Content Creator | Communications Team
Are you a wordsmith who loves to write about design, art, and creativity? If so, we would love your help in sharing inspiration, resources, and highlights on local talent and leaders. As a copywriter/content creator, you will be working with the Communications Team to provide engaging event copy, articles, interviews, and more.
  • You’d be great for this position if you have a way with words and are an experienced writer, have no problem with meeting deadlines, passionate about local happenings, can manage multiple communications/correspondences.


Do you want to work with our board of directors to plan and coordinate great events, programs, and campaigns for the Cleveland design and creative communities?
  • Individuals in these positions will meet monthly as a committee (virtually or in-person) and attend occasional monthly board meetings.
  • These positions are a one-year commitment.
Web Chair | Communications Team
The Web Chair is a crucial role in helping us launch AIGA events, share community happenings, feature talented individuals, and announce new opportunities through our website. You will work closely with the Director and the other Communications Team members to ensure our website is up to date and helpful in providing visitors with resources, ways to get involved, and inspiration.
  • You’d be great for this position if you very experienced in WordPress and familiar with Eventbrite. Being detail-oriented and strong in taking on and managing multiple tasks and correspondences is much needed for this role as well. 
Professional Development Chair (1 year commitment) | Education
The Professional Development Chair knows that learning never ends. You will be able to develop programming and educational opportunities including lectures, workshops, or conferences. Create opportunities to help others sharpen their creative skillsets and learn more on the business side of things, like copyright, financial planning, ethics, and freelancing.
  • You’d be great for this position if you are self-directed and passionate about bringing  opportunities of learning and skill development to the Cleveland design and creative communities.
Committee Members | Membership
What makes an organization and community great are its members. You will work with our Membership Director in celebrating, featuring, and engaging with our AIGA Cleveland Members. Be ready to welcome those who have questions on joining our chapters.
  • You’d be great for this position if you have strong communication skills, are detailed-oriented, and passionate about community and connecting with others. 
Committee Members | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a national AIGA initiative that works to support a more diverse audience of creatives, considering race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability, age, and other factors that shape creative perspective and professional experience.
  • You’d be great for Diversity and Inclusion if you want to help transform the field of design to be more inclusive of all and educate creatives on these issues.
Committee Members | Women Lead
Women Lead is a national AIGA initiative committed to empowering women in design and advancing discourse on issues facing professional women today. Women Lead is for ALL genders.
  • You’d be great for Women Lead if you want to create spaces for women creatives to connect and build leadership skills while helping the creative community learn about gender-related issues.
Chair and Committee Members | In-House INitiative
Creative work is not just produced by design agencies or studios. The In-House INitiative provides the skills, tools, and resources needed to enable in-house designers to advance design competencies, build leadership skills, make a greater impact on business, and connect with a broad network of peers and experts.
  • You’d be great for the In-House INitiative if you have in-house experience and want to inspire, highlight, and create opportunities of connection for the Cleveland in-house community. 


Are you ready to build leadership experience, drive programming that enriches the Cleveland creative community, and collaborate with a committed group of volunteers? Consider a position on our Board of Directors.
  • Individuals in these positions will meet monthly in-person at our board meetings and additionally with committees as needed.
  • These positions include one-year and two-year commitments.
VP of Operations (2 year commitment)
Help us with all the little details in running the chapter. The VP of Operations works with the President and VP of Finance to review event proposals and budgets and make decisions regarding Chapter policy and actions. The VP of Operations prepares internal communications, maintains the collaborative workspace (Basecamp), and conducts administrative tasks.

  • You’d be great for this position if you are organized, are looking to collaborate regularly with other board members, or have administrative or project management experience.
Committee Members | Design 730
Help us celebrate and highlight the brilliance and talent in our community! You will work closely with the Design 730 Co-Chairs to plan and execute the bi-annual design competition. The next Design 730 competition will take place in the spring of 2023.

  • You’d be great for this position if you are highly organized, have interest in or experience working with a CMS, want to interface with national design leaders, have event planning experience, or and looking for high-profile work that supports the Cleveland design community.
Questions? Email our President, Jordan Wong, for more information.