Building Equity in the Design Profession: Design Explorr (Jacinda Walker)

The AIGA Cleveland Board of Directors has made a collective personal donation to support the work of Jacinda Walker through DesignExplorr.

If you are looking for ways to support the work of black designers and build equity in the design profession, please consider donating to Jacinda Walker to support her work through DesignExplorr:

DesignExplorr has a critical funding need this summer due to COVID-19.

DesignExplorr is a social enterprise whose mission addresses the diversity gap within the design profession by increasing access to educational opportunities and corporate organizations. DesignExplorr partners with professionals, parents, and teachers to demonstrate the viability of design careers and help youth stretch their creative limits with activities tailored to the creative mind.

In his article, Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Within AIGA, George Aye notes that one of the key strategic initiatives for AIGA National should be to “Create a high school-to-college curricular pathway that specifically addresses the concerns that parents of color have for kids who are considering a career in design.” Jacinda Walker has been doing this work for years and we feel it is vital to support her continued efforts.

DesignExplorr’s Design Club is an interactive program that allows students to explore the power of design. The program supercharges creativity with activities that explore design thinking, problem-solving, creative exploration, and artistic prototyping. As a result, students gain creative confidence, develop critical thinking skills, learn to visualize their ideas, and foster innovation.

DesignExplorr had already been experimenting with outdoor design activities. Now as a result of the coronavirus, all of the events this summer will be outdoors. Due to sanitation concerns for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, participants in DesignExplorr workshops can no longer share supplies. Jacinda and her team must now make individual supply kits for each student. DesignExplorr has a pressing need for funds to purchase art and craft supplies for their summer workshops, as well as tables and sitting mats to transport to each event. Donations sent to Jacinda will be immediately funneled into this effort.

By Webmaster
Published July 11, 2020