Coming Soon: The Get Out the Vote Design + Community Series

AIGA Cleveland is excited to unveil the Get Out the Vote: Design + Community Project. This project is a collaboration between AIGA Cleveland and local non-profit organizations with the objective of inspiring audiences to vote in the 2016 general election, as well as elections to come.

Get Out The Vote: Design + Community Teaser

As a part of this project, AIGA Cleveland has partnered with three local organizations working towards social progress in different communities within the region: Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, OCA of Greater Cleveland, and the League of Women Voters. Each organization has been paired with a local designer to produce a poster with tailored messaging that highlights voting engagement issues specific to their mission. By collaborating with these organizations, AIGA aims to understand and spotlight issues surrounding voting engagement and voter rights.

The goal of this project is to bring attention to voter issues that impact individuals, show how design can be used as a tool to aid social progress, and to help connect the design community with the greater Cleveland community.

Throughout the coming weeks we’ll be releasing even more videos and news about the project so stay tuned!






Special Thanks to

NEOCH, The League of Women Voters, OCA, Thomas Dang, Nolan Beck, & Aly Dodds

By Kassey Sikora
Published September 29, 2016