Meet the Judge: Gail Anderson, School of Visual Arts

gailbynirGail Anderson is the creative director of Visual Arts Press at the School of Visual Arts, and a partner at Anderson Newton Design. She is the design subcommittee chair of the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee for the US Postal Service and has taught at SVA for over 25 years. Anderson is an AIGA Medalist, and co-author of lots of books with Steven Heller.

Below we asked Gail about her new role at SVA and some memories of working at Rolling Stone magazine.




My role hasn’t really changed with this promotion. I’ve taken on more responsibility over the year that I’ve been on staff at SVA, and the new title just reflects my current responsibilities better than Director of Design and Digital Media did. Currently, I’m working on content for new print and web initiatives as well as doing fun stuff like rethinking the uniforms for Facilities and Security.




We’re wrapping up the 2018-19 viewbook, and I’m even more proud of it than I was of the 2017-18 one. There’s so much rich content for potential students to chew on. SVA has become so international—much different to when I attended in the early 80’s. So we want applicants to not be intimidated by New York City, and see the five boroughs as welcoming places to explore.



I loved working with Fred Woodward. He was like a patient big brother to me, and those 14 years together have impacted everything I’ve done since, down to the music I listen to. He’s the best.



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By Kassey Sikora
Published May 4, 2017