Member Spotlight – Austin J. Reitz
AIGA Cleveland is happy to announce our Monthly Member Spotlight for May. We’re excited to feature Austin J. Reitz!

“I’m a wearer of many hats (including the gray one in the photo), currently navigating the Cleveland design scene as a freelancer. I have a background in a variety of disciplines, but I have a particular passion for illustration and interaction design. When I’m not working alongside clients, I’m learning new skills and techniques to better improve my craft, all while catching up on a podcast or two.

I’ve always felt welcome by AIGA Cleveland, which in turn has prompted me to want to share that same courtesy to all other members of our design community. Thus, joining AIGA Cleveland’s Community Outreach Committee was an obvious next step. This community is vibrant, and it is a joy to see and help it grow.

I’ve often heard that good design is invisible. The main interpretation of this statement is that to a layperson, a well-designed artifact is just a part of its use, and thus the design is working without acknowledgement. To me, design is far from invisible. Yes, I do see it in the artifacts we make, but also in the systems with which we engage, the messages we send, and from the people who work hard on it. Design is omnipresent.”

Thank you Austin! If you have any questions on AIGA membership please


By Webmaster
Published May 5, 2021