Women Lead: Celebrate! Anita Schulz
Celebrating the Achievements of Local Women in Design
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Featuring: Anita Schulz
Photographer + Jewelry Designer

Current: Owner and Founder of Anita Louise Photography, specializing in weddings and small business branding; Founder and Designer of Florence and Rose Company, a vintage-inspired gold jewelry boutique

Past: Anita graduated from Kent State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and Marketing.

Cleveland Connection: 
Anita was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland.

Sitting still isn’t something that comes naturally to Anita Schulz. As a self-employed female creative who runs a photography business full-time and designs jewelry on the side, Anita is full  of energy, ambition, and passion—all of which stems from a desire to share the stories of those around her.

As a self-proclaimed people person, Anita draws much of her creative energy from social surroundings, making wedding photography a perfect focus for her. The fast-paced action of a wedding day allows her to come alive, taking the challenge of shooting in not-ideal conditions and turning it into images that capture beautiful, real moments. Being in the middle of the action doesn’t allow much time for her to think and pose, so her subjects feel authentic and candid, with their personalities shining through in each shot.

Anita also works with Auden & Company, a local full-service creative studio, to produce branding photography for clients. Here, she can use her skills as a photographer to help others communicate their brands’ stories to the world. The collaboration that goes into this professional partnership proves to be mutually beneficial, as Anita happily attributes much of her own inspiration to being surrounded by “incredible” creative women like those at Auden & Company.

Similarly, strong women in her personal life are another source of creative motivation for Anita. After inheriting her late relative, Rose,’s vintage gold jewelry collection, she was driven to launch her own line of jewelry, despite knowing next to nothing about the industry. This new brand—Florence and Rose Company, named after a mother-daughter duo in her family—allows Anita to both share their story with the world and to explore a more physical outlet for her own creativity. Starting this new business in an unfamiliar industry required hard work, but was clearly worth it. Anita’s passion for the project, and the women who inspired it, truly shines through in each piece of her thoughtfully designed jewelry.

With all of these endeavors clamoring for her attention, how does Anita have time to commit to each of them so fully? Simple: “If it’s not a hell yes, then don’t do it,” she states. It’s a philosophy that’s proven to work well for her, as someone who started her career on a leap of faith. She says she’s already living the dream, so Anita’s future is totally dependent on wherever her creative ideas take her next.

Upcoming Projects

Auden & Company
Anita continues to work with Auden Creative Network, a community based around branding and building small businesses with close partner Janae Bryson, owner and founder of Auden and Company.

2021 Weddings
This season, Anita Louise Photography will be shooting 38 weddings. These images are from the wedding of Lizzy & Michael in Atlanta, GA, this past April.

Florence and Rose’s Summer Collection
The first round of the summer collection is set to launch on May 28, 2021. These images are from Florence and Rose’s spring campaign, showcasing the brand’s first collection.

To learn more about Anita Louise Photography:
Visit the website: www.anitalouise.co

To learn more about Florence & Rose Co.:
Visit the website: www.florenceandrose.co


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Published August 10, 2021